Iris Schelchen lives and works in Hamburg and Ratzeburg. Since 2017 she has a new studio in Ratzeburg at the Küchensee. From 2013 to 2017 she had a large studio in an old shipyard, right next to the Bille in Hamburg. From 1995 to 2010 she had her own studio in an artists’ community of about 40 creatives “Künstlerhof Frohnau” in Berlin.

Social Commitment
With great success, the auctioneer Christie’s in Hamburg sold work by Iris Schelchen, in favor of the NCL Foundation. Another auction was in favor of an orphanage in Ghana.

Iris Schelchen studied at the Freie Kunstschule in Berlin. Further seminars and workshops followed, amongst others with Sebastian Massanet Riera (Arta/Mallorca), Christoph Niess (Sylt); Knoblauch, Janco-Glage, Borchert (Berlin), Rolf Fässer (Berlin). Various work intensives in Mallorca, Corfu and Lanzarote.

Exhibitions (selection)
2023   Rathaus Ratzeburg (E)
Galerie Marion Stöter, Hamburg
2018   Ahoy! Art Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (E)
2017   Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam
2017   Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
2017   Theater im Zimmer, Hamburg
2016   Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
2015   Miami River Art Fair, Miami
2015   Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
2014   Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
2014   Villa E96 Galerie Marion Stöter, Hamburg
2012   Galerie Hafenliebe, Hamburg (E)
2011   Galerie Chaco, Hamburg (E)
2010   12. bbg Art Dialog, Berlin (E)
2005   Galerie am Gericht, Berlin (E)
2002   »La ventana al cielo«, Johanneskirche, Berlin
2002   Galerie Medial, Berlin-Friedrichshain (E)
2000   »Aufbruch« Rathaus Reinickendorf, Berlin
2001   Maison des Arts, Antony (bei Paris)
2000   Rathaus Reinickendorf, Berlin (E)
1999–2003   Künstlerhof Frohnau, Freie Galerie, Berlin
1999   Fontane Haus, Berlin (E)
1997   Altonaer Museum, Hamburg

S = Solo Exhibition, C= Catalog

Work can be found in private collections, museums and galleries in Germany and abroad: Little Dreams Foundation, Miami, U.S.A, Sous-Préfecture d’Antony, Paris, Frankreich, Graphothek Berlin des Kunstamts Berlin-Reinickendorf.

Member of „Lauenburgischer Kunstverein (LKV)

„I love to paint on raw-canvas. The textile’s texture remains intact, the colors penetrate deeply into the canvas and stay very intense in their effect. Through my multi-layering and the application of paint in a transparent way, these light-filled images and color compositions get created. Colours and forms flow into each other, interweave, cover each other and converse. I avoid giving titles to my work. I’d rather like the viewers to follow their own feelings and impressions.“

Iris Schelchen